Write to Renew

One of our previous graduates, the talented Jay Nahani, is leading us in a Write to Renew workshop June 14th. For writers and non-writers alike, this one-day workshop is a great way to step into summer with intention and a renewed focus on what's important in life. Jay says: "Step into a supportive circle of [...]

Sleepy Summer

My goal of the next few weeks is planning reasonable to-do lists this summer. I'm finding the balance tricky right now, since I work from home and the kids are on summer break. A languid pace is easy to slip into; although maybe that's no bad thing. This year has been busy and we're often [...]

What will the children think of us?

Anticipating Mother's Day, I bought myself a gift. A group of doulas came together to buy a flat of mugs all proclaiming, "World's Okayest Mom". Judy picked mine up, and is holding it for me - but we are both disorganized enough to keep forgetting to pick it up, even though we're seeing each other [...]

Historical gifts

John and I were able to take a trip this spring, just the two of us, to the UK. Our children stayed home with their grandmothers - one week with John's mom, and one with mine. Couple time affirmed we are in our marriage because we like each other; it was also a joy for [...]

This week in growing up

My eldest turns 12 this week. A dozen years since I became a mother, and each year with its own delicate treasure, a hidden bit of gold. Since we're near Lunar New Year, the banners and posters in my neighbourhood are celebrating the Year of the Horse: I remember coming home with my baby and [...]

Supermom, revisited

A good friend is dealing with the expectations she has of herself, and is trying to wrestle with her idea of Supermom. I'd been thinking about the image myself this fall, but with a dismissal - ah, that's just a media image! Not real! But here it was again. And actually, what she said was [...]

The whole enchilada

Food is a central theme for most of our families. Our expectations for our families are often a stew (see what I did there?) made of tradition, hopes, personal values, and what we're carrying of our culture or society. What is in your "stew" ? Maybe nightly family mealtime is important to you as a [...]

Thoughts on Gratitude

I have been enjoying the relaunch of Mama Renew immensely. There is - as always - laughter, a few tears, and a couple of well timed Eureka moments where we learn, or are reminded, of a core truth that we'd misplaced. One of the things we've talked about is gratitude. Research by Dr.Robert Emmons (University [...]

Languages of Love

A good friend has recently been working to re-kindle her relationship to her partner. Their relationship felt strong and vital, so they put it on the back burner while attending matters of family, health, finance, and the work of raising their two vibrant, creative kids. But something else happened in the fullness of their daily [...]

Slow and steady

This summer, I suffered an injury to my thigh muscle. I can still walk and jog slowly, but climbing is hard! It was silly, really - I'd missed a lot of my regular activity in July and in mid August went on a cycling trip I wasn't ready for. As summer has turned to fall [...]