The Tale of 3 Hot Mamas & a Red Corvette

There we were – 3 hot women (me & two dear mama friends) and a hot guy (my husband) sitting at the sidewalk cafe of our favourite joint in town – El Centro – enjoying delicious strawberry mango pudding and raspberry tart.  A sunny summer evening treat, and we were deep in conversation together.

Down the road they came, two apparently hot 20-something guys cruising Very slowly down our small town street in a vintage red Corvette with the top down.  I say “apparently” because we mamas never actually noticed them, so deep in conversation were we.  It was my sweet husband who howled with laughter as they turned the corner and let us know that we’d just been cruised and not even noticed…

I’m not sure what to write here.  I know that at age 17 that would have been a dream come true.  And I certainly do like being noticed at age 41 as well.  I also know that hot cars & young blood certainly are no longer my “thing” – these days I’m far more excited by my husband mowing the lawn!  I do find myself wondering, however, how we could have possibly missed such a remarkable and unusual moment.  Are we really that settled?  There is a small part of me that wants to bust out and go Thelma and Louise style, just to see if I still got it…

Care to join me?

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3 Responses to “The Tale of 3 Hot Mamas & a Red Corvette”

  1. cari says:

    This is very cute… I think it is that the yummy desserts that are the most interesting at age mid 30 and up.. no?… a little date with friends husband, good food ..who has time for corvets…ahhaa.
    though I am up for a thelma and Louise adventure…with good food!


  2. that’s funny, dear, I’ve never noticed a correlation between me cutting the lawn and you getting “excited.” But i guess i’ll not bother with that sports car i was going to buy you for your birthday


  3. Angela says:

    Will Brad Pitt be there? :)


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