Rebirth of Mama Renew

Welcome back, everyone, to the re-start and re-birth of Mama Renew! Let me introduce myself first. I'm Arwen. Judy McLaren and I purchased Dancing Star Birth and Mama Renew from Sarah in April, and I've been looking forward to this day ever since. Three years ago, I gathered with some wonderful moms in a Mama [...]

Welcome to Mama Renew

Welcome to our Mama Renew Blog. Nurturing Community. Building Connections. Being True to Ourselves and with each other. Speaking our Minds. Living from our Hearts. Sharing in our Journey and Helping Each Other find our way.

Moon Cycles of Motherhood

Dear Mamas, I am delighted to have two copies of the fabulous new book Moon Mysteries to give away.   Please comment below for your chance to win.  Increase your chances by liking the Mama Renew facebook page and sharing the link on facebook!  Contest closes at midnight, Sunday December 11th. ***************** Way back in [...]

Beyond our Means

I've been away for a romantic weekend with my dear husband.  These tend to be times when we get clear together, making plans, setting choices, questioning our choices and patterns... While much of our exploration on this particular weekend has been around financial planning, the core lesson I'm bringing home is about striving to live [...]

making room for sunlight

I came across this poem this evening, thanks to Karen Maezen Miller of Cheerio Road, and find it to be just about perfection for how I felt today: The Word, by Tony Hoagland Down near the bottom of the crossed-out list of things you have to do today, between "green thread" and "broccoli," you find [...]

Mama Bear Steps Forward

Late Saturday night mama bear emerged.  We had just finished a glorious day and evening at Island Folkd Fest, returning home far after bedtime with two tired children in arms.  While waiting for the shuttle a drunk woman arrived, muttering and stumbling about.  Out came the car keys for her car, strangely parked just there, [...]

The Tale of 3 Hot Mamas & a Red Corvette

There we were - 3 hot women (me & two dear mama friends) and a hot guy (my husband) sitting at the sidewalk cafe of our favourite joint in town - El Centro - enjoying delicious strawberry mango pudding and raspberry tart.  A sunny summer evening treat, and we were deep in conversation together. Down [...]

Sewing Machines: Mama’s Power Tool

All this crafting discussion on our facebook page and blog from yesterday's Creative Mama post has me thinking about power tools.  I used a drill for the very first time yesterday building the kids a pup tent.  I found it tremendously satisfying.  I understood in a new way why my dear husband loves his tools [...]

Creative Mama and a Giveaway

I am one of those crafty mamas, at least in my heart.  I wander through holiday craft fairs and cruise etsy and ravelry for inspiration.  I adore fabrics and wool and have a stash of both that is overflowing the hutch and bins I had so generously designated as my craft space.  My list of [...]

Working Mother?

Today we received an email from a woman concerned about the use of the phrase "working mother" for a Mama Renew group we are hosting for mothers who work "outside" of the home.   Here is our response - we welcome your thoughts and perspective as well.  This is not an easy topic! To Mama Renew, [...]