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Sleepy Summer

Holding the SunMy goal of the next few weeks is planning reasonable to-do lists this summer. I’m finding the balance tricky right now, since I work from home and the kids are on summer break. A languid pace is easy to slip into; although maybe that’s no bad thing. This year has been busy and we’re often at a rush.

Today started sleepily, and just kept dreaming by. The boys were up late, and since they’re normally a 6:30-7:00 am alarm clock, I was up late too. We had a slow breakfast, everyone with their nose in a book. We agreed that I needed to work, so it couldn’t be a beach day, but we set up my old birthing-pool to introduce it to a second life as a wading pool. I applied sunscreen and brought lemonade and ducked splashes as they bounced in and out. I bounced in and out of my workday, too – tasks and breaks with the boys.

Usually we spend time away in the summer, but this summer we’re going to be close to home. Favorite activities are making stop action Lego movies, reading, water fights, and flying kites on windy days.

Anyone have favorites they’d like to share?

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