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Supermom, revisited

A good friend is dealing with the expectations she has of herself, and is trying to wrestle with her idea of Supermom. I’d been thinking about the image myself this fall, but with a dismissal – ah, that’s just a media image! Not real! But here it was again.

And actually, what she said was even stronger than wrestling – “I’m trying to kill my idea of of Supermom, but it just won’t die!”

But that’s the truth, isn’t it? Superheroes, by definition, are strong and persistent. Maybe Supermom won’t go quietly, overplayed media stereotype or no!

I’m thinking we can be creative with her. She’s ours after all, a creation of expectation and desire. Maybe we just need to revamp her for the modern age, rewrite her for a brand new day. This happens, eventually, to all the comic heroines…


Maybe our Supermom will:

Have coffee stains on her cape, and a mess made from hug from a child with sticky hands and face
A purse full of unorganized paper (wait, where was that field trip form you needed me to sign?)
Thighs quite a bit softer than steel…
Maybe no Fortress of Solitude – but space, every day, just for her, where she will be soft and generous with herself.
Her kryptonite might be comparing herself to other moms.
Only she’s a superhero and knows the defense: all parents have strengths and weaknesses.
It’s her League of Superheroes … people to collaborate with, call for help, and support.


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