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The whole enchilada

Food is a central theme for most of our families. Our expectations for our families are often a stew (see what I did there?) made of tradition, hopes, personal values, and what we’re carrying of our culture or society.

What is in your “stew” ? Maybe nightly family mealtime is important to you as a place to come together and talk: or maybe it’s not, really, because you talk during the commute to soccer practice, but you read an article stressing the importance of family mealtime and now you feel like you should.

Maybe you have a once-a-week gathering for Sunday dinner or Shabbat: or maybe you make memories feasting once a year at Thanksgiving or Diwali.

Maybe organic is important to you, or perhaps stretching a budget and feeding a picky eater are your major food goals. Maybe you’d mostly like to add something green to a diet of noodles and hot dogs – or maybe you find joy in your kitchen at the end of each day, creating food like it were poetry, getting recharged from the cooking.

Our families need food at regular intervals, and past that, our situations are unique. Some of us might be relieved by a meal plan. Some cook for a week on a day off. Some are maestros of the crock-pot. Sometimes, we need to eat on the run…

What’s working for you? What do you need to reconsider your approach and address creatively? What can you get rid of?


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