Discover Mama Renew

Each Mama Renew group is a community of mothers who not only share in the joys and challenges of motherhood, but also in supporting one another as we seek renewal and balance as women.

5 insightful sessions of discussion, reflection, laughter & connection.

  • Explore your core needs and how to nurture all of you.
  • Set aside “mama guilt” and create the support you need.
  • Move beyond the myth that we can indeed “do it all”
  • Cultivate the art of saying Yes and No.
  • Remember the parts of yourself that have been set aside in motherhood
  • Identify new directions and dreams.

Cost is $150.

group-laughing-barThe magic of Mama Renew is captured in the stories of the women below.   Each group is unique, and each mother’s journey her own. At the core, however, is the spirit of renewal – reconnecting with the core of who we are as women and mothers, and redefining what it means to care for ourselves and our families.

Enjoy their words…

“As a working mother with 2 children, I was giving to everyone but myself.  Joining Mama Renew opened my eyes to new ways to honor myself as I care for my family and career.”

familypic3“I have gained so much from Mama Renew.  I was a little intimidated at my first session to be with such strong, dynamic women, but I’ve come to realize we all have so much in common. We laugh outrageously and cry with one another, sometimes in the same evening.”

“Opportunities to do this kind of self-work have been hard to come by since having children. I am a better parent now because I am finally taking time for me!”

lynette-300x195“There have been many changes as I learned to not judge myself (as much!) and to prioritize self-care. While my interests are still deliciously diverse, the edge I now play is truer to my energy, core passions and commitments.”

callie“When I started my boundary setting and emotional self-care had gone out the window.  I was really intimidated by the whole “mother of two” idea and needed to build my confidence for the changes ahead.”